When I'm not writing, chances are I'm decorating my house or strolling around a flea market with my mother and sister, scoring antique or vintage items. I love a modern chic interior with just a touch of bohemian, and little by little, I'm getting there. Right now I'm into brass, and my latest find is an Indian vase from the 1920's. We recently sold our apartment and moved into a rental house, waiting until one day the house of my dreams comes along. For the first time I have a proper terrace, and although I'm not gifted with a green thumb like my mother and sister, I love growing my own herbs for my tea (try organic mint leaves, edible lavender and lemon verbena), potted flowers and plants that attract the bees and butterflies, and some cut flowers in an old candy jar. Simple joys in life.      


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Always busy styling my house; creating cozy corners. 


Organic herb tea from my own garden with mint leaves, edible lavender, and lemon verbena. Lovely!  


Inspired by all the beautiful bar carts on Pinterest, now trying to style my own with an art wall.


Sipping my morning latte with my fav home magazines. Not only getting inspired for myself, but as well as for the characters of my books. LOL. 


So simple. So beautiful.


Coffee in a local garden center with my sister's new puppy. His name's Elvis and he's a Doxle. Too cute.