book 3

Mac The Vandenberg Clan book three

As the oldest grandchild of the illustrious hotel pioneer Maximilian Vandenberg, Mac Vandenberg considers himself the leader of the clan. As a true visionary, he’s hungry and driven to lead the family company through future challenges while keeping everyone safe from outside threats. Unlike his cousin Joshua, Mac is determined not to yield to extortion, but when his secretly filmed sexual encounter in a friend’s nightclub appears online, he finds himself in a difficult position as CEO of the Vandenberg Investment Company. 


Angela Devereux is a boho pur sang, and most in her element when she works at her shop, where she proudly sells her own brand of cosmetics. If it were up to her, she’d spend her days making soaps and candles, if she didn’t need to run Brimstone, the inn she inherited from her father. Where her shop is thriving, the inn suffers, and it’s not a question of if, but when, to pull the plug. Nevertheless, she’s holding on to it as long as possible, for her staff as well as to keep her father’s memory alive. 


Looking for a hideout until things involving his own sex tape have cooled down, Mac decides to make good on his promise to Hannah, and travels to Salem to check out an inn that’s about to go under. Before long, he concludes that the wooden shack he’s staying at isn’t worth his time or money, but sticks around anyway, after he finds himself under the spell of the sensual, redheaded innkeeper. 


Angela was born with a special gift, but nevertheless considers it a curse when the people she loves abandon her for it. Now, at thirty-two, she longs for that special someone who knows how to sweep her off her heels and accepts her for who she is, but falls into her old habit of hiding the truth when she finds herself intrigued by Mac Vandenberg, afraid he’ll lose interest when he discovers what she’s capable of, or worse, believes she’s a fraud.