book 2

Joshua The Vandenberg Clan book two

After his mother left him and his twin sister, Joshua Vandenberg was raised by his aunt and uncle, and after a troubled childhood, found his passion in food. Now, at thirty, he holds sway over his own restaurant as a successful head chef. With his mind on creating recipes, he has no time for women, but when a feisty and sexy-as-hell pastry chef opens a dessert bar across the street, he’s an absolute goner.

Teresa Sainz recently moved to Portsmouth in hopes of starting a new life after a traumatic event claimed her parents. Felipe, her younger brother, is the only man in her life. She’s determined to raise him like her parents would have, and the last thing she needs right now is a bad-ass tatted chef telling her she lacks creativity, and insisting her dessert menu is mediocre at best.


When Joshua receives a threatening letter with proof of what happened to his mother, he’ll do whatever necessary to prevent this information from leaking to the press, even if it conflicts with his cousin Mac’s wishes. Meanwhile, he tracks down an old family friend, who delivers a shocking truth bomb about his mother’s past. 


Teresa is juggling her dessert bar and keeping Felipe on the straight and narrow, while trying to keep her sinfully delicious and clearly troubled neighbor at bay. It’s without effort nevertheless, but not everyone seems happy about her and Joshua getting closer. Then Teresa receives a phone call that turns her world upside down once again, a call that separates her from the man she has fallen for hard.