book 1

Hannah The Vandeberg Clan book one

Hannah Jensen is the youngest of six Vandenberg grandchildren and grew up in one of the Vandenberg hotels. While her older brother and some of her cousins run the family empire, Hannah wants nothing to do with the hospitality business, or their illustrious family name. When she was fourteen years old, she and her brother Tristan were kidnapped. This traumatic event defines Hannah’s future since the kidnappers were never caught, and the threat made to her. She goes to great lengths to live a life under the radar, and succeeds as an anonymous writer of romance novels.


Abel Bishop has figured it all out by the age of thirty-two. He has no clue what it means to be a part of a warm, loving family, and busted his ass to get to where he is today, but his vision to someday run a sustainable green hotel earned him the entrepreneur-of-the-year award. His only short-term goal is to operate a chain of boutique hotels.


When Hannah’s oldest cousin asks her to check out a hotel he’s interested to invest in, she doesn’t want to let him down, so steps out of her comfort zone. The last thing she expected was to get intrigued by the hotel’s hot owner, and his sexy passion for the planet. She also didn’t expect to be confronted with the ugliness of her past, but soon realizes things aren’t over yet. They’re just beginning.


Abel has no time for social activities, emotions are an unnecessary obstacle, and he has no love to give. This suits him just fine, because he focuses all his energy on his business. All he needs is a woman with the same mindset at his beck and call, but that changes the moment Hannah checks into his hotel. The sexual chemistry is immediate, and for the first time in his life, he’s genuinely interested in getting to know a woman better, but also realizes he’s plain toxic with his addictive behavior, so orders himself to back off with this charming but mysterious novelist he’s gradually falling for