House of Guardians 



"I really enjoyed this book!! It was like reading Percy Jackson but on steroids. lol! However, Sam and Laurel's relationship aggravated me to no end. It was too much back and forth. Besides that though, I loved it!"

~ Christina, Goodreads

"I usually don't write reviews but this book LOVE... loved the characters loved how it keeps you guessing loved the story line loved that it was 264 paged just lovedddddd this book...I can't wait for the second book !!! THIS IS A MUST READ! !!!"

~ Anonymous, Barnes & Noble

"Oh. My. Gosh. This is seriously one of my favorite books up there. It is different and creative and keeps you guessing and on your toes!"

~ Anonymous, Barnes & Noble

"I enjoyed really enjoyed reading this book. Where can I find a demigod or Titan? I loved the blend of current day and Greek mythology. It is a very captivating read."

~ Anonymous, Barnes & Noble

"I can honestly say this book is one of the first books in a long time I've enjoyed in the paranormal romance genre. It has everything you want and I am literally hanging on by a thread for the next book in the series. I definitely recommend, don't pass it up!"

~ Saskia, Amazon


"Has everything a girl could ever ask for in a book. Plenty going in and new twists and turns throughout."

~ Amazon Review

"OMG!!!! THIS BOOK IS SOOO GOOD!! If i could I would give this 10 out of 10 I would 😊
This is by far, the best book at the moment. Love it! I eagerly await the next one. Well done Beatrice Sand."

~ Sal, Amazon

"Its a very well written story that felt real. Characters and dialogue between them are well developed. I could imagine it being made into a movie or TV series."

~ Beth, Amazon

"The author in the series paints an extravagant picture of the characters in the story with such detail that it captivates you into their lives. Every emotion possible is experienced. An excellent book you won't be disappointed."

~ Debbie, Amazon

"Even though it ends on a cliffhanger, this book was an emotional roller coaster ride. It was amazing. I went out and got the next book. I am bummer the series isn't finished. But will keep an eye out. Great series."
~ Manda, Amazon

"It made me laugh, cry, angry, and hopeful."
~ Mom, Amazon

"This book was absolutely wonderful, all the characters are awesome Laurel and Sampson were great and I can't wait for the next book to see what happens. Wondering what Adrian is up to."
~ Michelle, Amazon



"Awesome!! I just completely loved it and just simply couldn't put it away. I would very much recommend as a must read" ❤ ~ Amazon Review

"Brilliant - a series to rival Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series."

~ Cruz, Amazon

"...I found myself transported back to Twilight and various others of its like. Fortunately, Sampson was a redeeming and fascinating character, and the complex relationship he has with Laurel grew more and more interesting as the book progressed."
~ Veritas Vincit, Amazon

"This story is dark, intelligent, and entirely gripping. The writing is smooth, the characters are relatable, and the descriptions are vivid."
~ Horrorgirldonna, Amazon

"A well- crafted story, written in the first person and present tense which makes it enjoyable to read and learn."

~ Scarlett, Amazon

"I can actually see this book possibly being made into a television series or movie series some day it was just that entertaining. It was as good as the Vampire Diaries, and that is really saying a lot."

~ Nichole, Goodreads

"The characters are amazingly complex - which cannot be said for many other 'teen stories' - and, again, the mythology/demigod elements make Destined a unique entry in my eBook collection."
~ Phoenix, Amazon

"A new series that I hope will catch fire for the masses. It isn’t a basic “Twilight” romance that tries to appeal to an overgeneralized crowd, instead, Sand creates a great new novel that rivals Rick Riordan’s “Percy Jackson” series with the use of mythological ideologies and beliefs."
~ Renee, Amazon

"The combination of romance and mystical always seems to work well and that’s the case here too. In some ways, the style reminds me a bit of Twilight but it’s nice to see something original rather than vampires yet again."
~ Cassandra, Amazon 

"This novel is a teenage romance with a twist and is obviously written to compete with the Twilight type trend in teenage fiction. Similar to Percy Jackson but for an older audience, it incorporates Greek mythology into modern times. Readers should know that it includes mature subject matter and some language, so is most appropriate for an older teen audience." 

~ Purple, Amazon

"I especially loved the way the author organized the book as it reveals details at just the right time. This tactic made the mystery even more compelling and makes me anticipate the next book in the series. This story is a must for teens who love fantasy and romance or adults who really enjoy a YA novel from time to time."

~ Chelsey, Amazon

"Beatrice Sand does a fantastic job merging demigods with mortals in this young adult romance."
~ Peggy, Amazon


"In the acknowledgement section at the back of this book, the author, Beatrice Sand, writes, “I hope I can compete with all those vampires out there.” I must say she need have no worries on this score; her story can stand proud next to the likes of the Twilight and Vampire diaries series of books."

~ Sdan 12, Goodreads

"I was afraid my lack of knowledge about Greek mythology would leave me confused at what was going on, but the author explained those aspects well, so I never felt lost in a bad way - just "lost" in the mystery of the story."
~ Abigail, Amazon

"Although the story of forbidden and dangerous romance is threshed, I really liked the book as it is not just that."
~ Fausto, Amazon

"This story was something new to me, meaning I have not come across a book with this type of story line, it was refreshing."
~ Denise, Amazon

"It has all the staples of a good teen romance but the major bonus is the addition of Greek mythology. The author has clearly done her research. I am a history buff and know my ancient greek myths so it was a great pleasure to read this very original story. It is fast-paced and interesting at the same time. The heroine is gorgeous, the hero handsome and sexy – there is even naked wrestling among the hero’s friends - what more could we want?"
~ PussyCat, Amazon

" ...the story is well thought out, suspenseful, and has the right amount of action and lulls."
~ Mint tea, Amazon

"The way the story is written makes it flow easily from one chapter to the other where you keep discovering who Sampson really is, and what things are predestinated to happen."

Quirru, Amazon 

"... everything about it feels so fresh and engaging. [...]The story is full with mysteries, you can sense it between the dialogue and some scenes, that there are some bigger concerns out there and a lot of history forgotten; it’s nice that this is a confirmed trilogy because I can’t wait to read and find out more about this new and fascinating world."
~ Julius, Amazon

"She weaves her characters for this trilogy with grace and a profound respect for that part of life about which we understand little. Placing a demigod in an urban setting with the resultant consequences establishes a new field of literary exploration for the reader – and for the subsequent books in her planned trilogy [...] It seems Beatrice has struck gold (or might that be Valhalla?). A fine start to a sound adventure, written in eloquent prose."

~ Grady, Amazon

"Destined is a breathtaking page-turner! Beatrice Sand takes you on an adventure. She leaves space for your own imagination. The characters really come to live. And you really can feel with their emotions of hapiness, pain, despair and fear. I can' t wait for the second book to read!"

~ Amazon Review

"This first installment builds up gradually and becomes compulsive. It's heartfelt with a multitude of emotions. The way it ends has left me wanting for more."~Livres Recommende (*****)

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"There is an undeniable attraction between Laurel and Sam, which the author beautifully introduces at their first meeting, and builds each time they meet. This book will appeal to anyone who enjoys the mystery of a sexy, dangerous story and although it is not a thriller it is certainly a thrilling read. If you enjoyed the Twilight Saga you will love The Ambrosia Trilogy!"

~ MoMo's Book Diary (****)

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"A beautiful, fascinating, exiting, romantic and mysterious book. I enjoyed it intensely. It triggers your fantasy and makes you hungry to read more. Reading it feels like you yourself are experiencing the story. Putting the book aside is almost impossible."
Marie Louise, Pinterest