House of Divinity



"The finale of this trilogy is superbly executed. It picks up right where it left off, and is as compulsive as the first two installments."

~ Livres Recommende (*****)

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"This book was just as exciting as the previous 2, so well written and a pure pleasure to read ....The characters, storyline were so well designed that you can't put the book down till it was finished. Beatrice Sand is one of my favorite authors because of her ability to weave such a mesmerizing tale and keep you wanting more."

~ Karen, Goodreads

"Kept me up several nights in a row reading this trilogy. Looking forward to more of your books. Well done."

~ Deb Musgrave, Amazon

"Deserving of every star 🌟 each book unique yet see inspiring. A must have for any para normal reader's library"

~ day7light, Amazon

"Amazing! Spicy and sweet all in one. It does have sexual content but for anyone who doesn't mind reading over that it's a very romantic story."

~ Ginger, Amazon

Amazing series-I couldn’t put the books down ! Luckily they are all available on kindle so I could just purchase one right after the other as I finished them! 

~ Christie Asselin, Amazon

"I enjoyed the new angle on the Greek mythology and how it came to life in modern times. This series was hard to stop reading until the end."

~ Jennifer, Amazon

"Great trilogy ! Could not put it down ! Highly recommend !
Thank you for writing a great series!"

~ JF, Amazon 

"Have absolutely loved these books .
Brilliant end to the story, can't wait for more from this author."

~ Jennifer Duncan, Amazon

"This book is for 18+ due to mature content."

~ Layla, Amazon

"I received an ARC. I loved loved the book!! I will treasure this triligy and will be re-reading these books in the future. I have never read a book in this genre but now I know that I love it!!"

~ Nanci Brown, Amazon

"This book was great. I wish the epilogue could've been a little more in depth maybe a year after their accomplishment. But other than that I couldn't out the book down."

~ E Easton, Amazon

"I choose to rate this book because from beginning to end it was a epic roller coaster and well written can't wait to see more."

~ Whitney, Amazon

"As an avid reader, this was the best series I've read in a long time..."

~ PurpleRoses716, Amazon

"I seldom find myself so engrossed in a book that I become obsessed with the story line and the characters. This book trilogy captivated my attention. The characters are well developed and interesting. I would love to read stories centered around the other characters. They were also very interesting. I highly recommend the series to anyone who loves the genre."

~ Sugarcookie, Amazon

"Just enough of everything, love, sex, humor, etc. Not too much detail about sex where it's disgusting, but enough that let you know they weren't just holding hands. Great storyline, good ending."

~ Amazon Customer

"I honestly didn't want the book to end! I loved the series so much! Can't wait for more from Beatrice Sand!" 

~ Liz, Amazon