House of Terrors

"Here I am, standing on creepy, desolate soil, surrounded by a solid delegation of half-mortals, who all want to protect me from some evil power. Events like these are like a wake-up call, a real booster shot, for me. Making clear that I am part of a different reality where I am to bear a child of darkness. There’s just no waking up from this nightmare." Laurel 

"Being a fucking demigod is no way to live, so if I have to be one, then I prefer to be a cold-blooded one." Sampson

"Back in my bedroom, I step out of my clothes and walk over to the closet where I take out a sweater. I pull it over my head. The hem of the cashmere sweater reaches past my thighs and the sleeves are way too big for my arms. I try to wear it as little as possible to avoid it becoming threadbare, but tonight the urge is too strong. Tonight, I want his scent, as my thoughts wander off to him." Laurel

"An image flashes through my head. Laurel is sitting on the floor in my house. We’re playing a board game. On the coffee table, candles are burning. There’s longing, anticipation, but also fear. Fear of becoming intimate, but I wanted her so badly. She possessed me. And now? I feel nothing when I think back on that night that changed everything. I can tell myself that I love her and that she’s the only woman that matters to me, but nothing stirs inside me. On an emotional level, nothing is happening." Sampson

"Sam doesn’t do emotions anymore. Not with me, anyway." Laurel

"I find a small bench in a dark corner and sit down, my hand wrapped around the glass. I swirl the amber golden liquid. It smells fruity. I think of what Bastian has told me about alcohol. Great stuff, numbs the emotional pain. I remember the countless times he has crashed on my couch, intoxicated, passed out, and with a hangover that lasted for days. I don’t even want to know what his intestines look like. Besides the fact that our anatomy can’t handle booze, I never needed it, but right now seems a fucking good time to try – to numb my brain. To become totally numb to the ache I feel in my chest." Sampson

"She’s under my protection and I can’t stand by watching her die. We’re standing here with five bloody half-mortals and we’re not able to save even one mere mortal? We’ll use any means within our power to get her healthy again, no matter which Olympian we have to bring in here. No matter how unethical. Let’s move. Nun!Alexsander

"I asked you to protect her, not to suck the life out of her. We’re perfectly capable of doing this by ourselves." Sampson

"I have no idea anymore who this cold-blooded creature is. This unbelievably gorgeous demigod with the longish hair and the sloppy clothes, who no longer cares that I am standing here, hurt before him, holding out my bleeding heart." Laurel

"You can freeze me out all you want, but you have to find a way to deal with me, just like I have to find a way to deal with you." Sampson

"That night when Sam came to our house, alone, defenseless, bereft of his powers, he was prepared to die for you. He stood in a house, surrounded by five Titans who were capable of taking his life, and he knew it. He knew very well that the odds of him walking away unscathed were practically non-existent. What he did was an act of heroism – and he did it for you." Aurore

"If they want another demigod, then they’d better go looking for another mortal, because I will not be the one to deliver it." Laurel

"I lower my head and grip her tightly, taking over the kiss, dominate it. Taking control of her mouth, tasting her deeply like a starving man. You are going to hurt her. Again. I crave her taste. If I can’t possess her, then at least I can possess her mouth for as long as it lasts." Sampson

"The moment the iron gate slides open and Adrian sets his car in motion again, it feels like I have stepped back in time. One giant step – all the way back to Antiquity." Laurel

"I’m not a cruel mother, Laurel. Sam thinks I am, but my husband and I had to raise him like the gods wanted us to. He has a job to do. I tried to give him as much freedom as I was allowed, and believe me, I want for him to be happy, but there’s one thing I want more, and that’s for him to be alive." Phaedra

"Good goddesses, Sam… How did we get ourselves in this mess? Where did we lose control of the situation?" Olivia

"I turn to Adrian who is looking polished and sophisticated in his suit. His thick black hair falls against the snow-white collar of his dress shirt. I find it amazing how someone can be attractive and repulsive at the same time." Laurel

"God, you make me want to do things to you." Sampson

"We’re not here because of love. We’re here to end what the gods couldn’t end so many years ago. And my son is going to get all the glory." Adrian

"We take the steps to the platform and take our places next to the stone altar in front of the temple. The fire and artifacts on the altar make me shudder. This won’t be a bloodless offering of grain, wine, or incense; this will be a cruel animal sacrifice in hopes that the chosen one will get pregnant." Laurel

"Everyone has a breaking point, and so do I, demigod or not. And tonight it feels like I am damn close to losing it." Sampson

"In one quick motion he grips my head and slams his mouth hard against mine, claiming it with brute force. My lips part to allow him access, and we crash against the column as his tongue drives deep into my mouth. He pulls back for a short moment, drinks me in greedily, and then, with a grunted curse, ravishes me with a rawness that makes my heart stutter in my chest. I realize I’m moaning as I clutch his shoulders. Never in my life have I been kissed this violently, and it hits me like a heady, intoxicating wine." Laurel

"You wouldn’t survive the night if I weren’t careful with you." Sampson

"My stomach is all tied up in knots and I wouldn’t know how to get any food down, although the snacks on the tray look mouthwatering. I’m sure this is what I can expect over the next few weeks. Everything will look good, smell delicious, and feel luxurious. Adrian is aiming high and will try to seduce me with his wealth and power – just anything to get his seed planted in me." Laurel

"Standing at a table, the high priest pours water from a jug into twelve bowls. A few minutes from now, I will be freed from all pollution and any sins I have committed –only to commit them all over again tomorrow by messing with fate." Sampson

"We just stand there, staring at each other. My eyes sweep over him. God, he’s gorgeous. He looks slightly different, but beautiful as never before – and delicious. He’s looking very casual in dark jeans and a loose, gray-blue, wrinkled T-shirt that doesn’t even show off washboard abs or rippling muscles. There is no trace of a tattoo on his arm, like I thought I saw before, just an expensive-looking watch around his wrist. I am just about to offer him coffee when I realize that he doesn’t do coffee anymore." Laurel

"Slumber my ass. Fuck Olympus. Fuck loyalty." Sampson